Saturday, February 11, 2012

I haven't make any post for quite a while so, here you go, a long one

I promised to feed this blog more and yet here I am, been neglecting it for months.

I'm currently still a little bit overwhelmed with university preparation, future accommodation and papers, but I guess updating one or two stories won't hurt.

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#1. My 6 month baby Lotso is sleeping. Quite massive, isn't he?
#2. Jakarta is getting pretty windy and chilly lately, and my lips got even more chapped than ever. Been using Burt's Bees for months, it helps hydrating my lips much better than other lipbalms. Before I use this acai berry flavour, I used the mango one, both smell yummy.
#3. Some CD collections in my course place. Awezumness.

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#4. Pizza e Birra's Panna Cotta, indulging myself in one fine afternoon with some highschool mates.
#5. Spending weekend, watching Paranormal Activity 3 & had some japanese fast-food from left to right chicken curry, dory katsu, beef teriyaki or tepanyaki, I'm not quite sure what it was. All from Daisho.
#6. Golden Egg Tart's Portuguese egg tart.

I went out with some friends to 10 years anniversary of Ada Apa Dengan Cinta but we ran out of tickets. Then one of my friend said not far from that place we can find loads of vintage/secondhand/rare books, CDs, and vinyls. We thought that was interesting, so we decided to gave it a go rather than heading home with disappointment.

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I got this two antique french novels in a tiny shop owned by Pak Djo. It was originally 30k for each book, but after some bargaining in french, I got two of these for only 45k. 
Did I mention bargaining in french?
It was already pleasantly surprising when we told Pak Djo we were looking for something good to read, and suddenly pulled out a classic Shakespeare's Hamlet from the shelf. 
His friend and him were really friendly. As we were looking for the book, he helped us with some references. 
Suddenly my friend said I'm currently learning french, he suddenly asked "Parlez vous francais?". 

And the conversation (including the bargaining, of course) went on in french.
His friend, another bookshop owner, who was sitting beside him told us that Mr Djo used to work in France.
Now that's what I call, really, interesting.

And oh, my friend also got a classic Jane Eyre novel (from around 1960s) for 30k, again, in his shop.

I mean, where can I find a humble vintage/secondhand book shop owner who speak french and has great book collections? 
Would definitely come and have my second visit later on.

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