Wednesday, August 14, 2019

A Reason

You flew here to help clear the mess that was me
Made up of fear and self-hate
A stalemate, 

With he-who-shall-not-be-named
You tried and you cried, 

Confessing your grip was slipping
Couldn't help me, you held me

The shadows began to fade


Catatonic suicide queen
By now I know a screw's loose, or too few
Or worse, there's too many
But of course, 

The dark horse, you bet all in stride
I hope I'm not a regret, I'll fight to the finish line

I get so stuck in my head
Lost in all the lies, 

Nihilistic backslide
When I can't get out of bed
I see the edge,

I'm slipping from the ledge
And praying to Gods I don't believe in, for a sign
Some reasons not to die, and there you are

Here's to the one
Who stuck in when they should have run
Despite all of my ranting and raging

Here's to the ones
Who hide the bullet from the gun
Foot down on all my bullshit, but won't cage me