Saturday, November 2, 2013

In The Blink of An Eye

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To her, he was beautiful.
But it was hidden behind an invisible wall.

A wall that not everyone know is there.

Behind it there's a heart she'd embrace and say
"Hey, I care, I carry so much of you in my heart. You are loved."

Feelings turned into written words.
A draft full of honest thoughts.

She buries her ears into the calm of his heartbeat,
but she couldn't hear a thing.
She realised that the wall was too high.
The wall that was made out of consciousness,
a decision of one part.

Questioning, in pain, and barely understand how could two people who used to share both their happiness & fear, are now being pushed by an invisible wall between them.

From being big part of each other's life, now the wall's putting them back into strangers for one another.

Coming to a realisation that loving someone requires a leap of faith,
and that a soft landing is never guaranteed,
she has now realised that the landing costs her her feelings.

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