Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Food Tasting Panel

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I got an invitation for food tasting panel at Sushi Groove, one of Ismaya's well known project. They're planning on putting up something new on their menus.
So, shall we start?

While waiting for another food-tasters, my friend and I were served both hot and cold ocha. I opted for a cold one.
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First came  Sapporo Chicken Roll.

I ate at Sushi Groove several times before and that kinda reminded me of Mayonaise Dream Roll. Since the chef was standing behind us to give us further informations about these menus, I asked him and I was right, they're using the same kind of mayonnaise for both menu (Mayonaise Dream Roll & Saboro Chicken). Tasted okay and was in perfect bite size.

Second came Shibuya Roll. Just a perfect combination of unagi (eel), salmon, nori (seaweed), fried shrimp, and veggies combined with mayo sauce. It was close to perfection until it started to fell apart when you want to bite them. The size was too enormous and wasn't practical for sushi-type of meal. Although the taste was simply delicious.

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Third came Mango Megumi.
This was my absolute favourite. A plate full of lovely, lovely surprise. They put a twist of mango just in the right measurement. And plus, I'm a big fan of tobiko (fish's eggs). Those plates really spoiled my tastebuds to the core. Further surprise, soft squared cream cheese, yum!

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So here we got Pirates Roll, a fusion sushi with smoked beef on the top, spicy and tastes just okay for my liking. Creative,  but they'd better stay as separate menus. The taste of smoked beef and the rolls sadly don't blend well together. 
Below, it's Aligator Roll. I'm a total sucker for avocado and they put loads thinly sliced avocado on the top of the roll, resembling a crocodile. It was delish and came in a perfect bite size.

The last roll I ate was Salmon Mentai. I was curious since it was served a little bit different than the usual Salmon Mentai I ate in another Japanese restaurants. 
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Overall, most of the menus were bloody-lickin-good, delicious to say the least. Hoping to see some of them in Sushi Groove's latest menu in mid May this year. Thankyou for the opportunity, Sushi Groove and Ismaya. It was a lovely night!

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