Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Archived: Spoken words fly away, written words remains.

Disclaimer: this piece of writing (including photos attached) does not belong to me, I have no copyright infringement nor creative contribution in making it - but it was dedicated to me, and for that, I am eternally grateful.


i guess none of us will know what the future hold for tomorrow

if i give you my freedom
will you hold it
is as if its your world?

if i give you my everything
out from nothing
will you see it as whole?

if i do the impossible
against the odds
will you still see me as a human?

if i took an arrow to the knee
will you pick me up
and walk by my side?

if i give you two keys
with you knowing fully what lies
which will you open for me?

if i give you all the things
that you never seen before
will you still seek what you lost?

dear you,
i am writing this out of the blue, amidst people shouting and screaming.
at times, i continue when i'm in a moving car.
it has been bothering me for awhile, and i cant seem to spit it out.
a lot has happened and i guess a lot will happen more.
i hope you'll stay.

but in the end, i would want you to know
you are my every reason
the things i do and i want to do

i guess i already told you this, but i will say this again:

you are both my salvation and my destruction 
at the same time. 

i am certain that in the end i'll be breathing or dead because of you.
and that 
is exactly what i want you to do to me. 

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