Monday, September 26, 2016

Archived: An Informal Essay on My Sagittarian Lover (Prolog)


"You know, I am certainly, positive, that I love everything about you."

"Including those days when my eyebrows just constantly annoy me?"

"Including those days too.
Everything about you, really.
There's nothing I that I don't love, I mean, your 'lucky hair', too.
Your bones, your collar bones, your curves.
Your - well, annoying laughs.
Man, I wonder why those guys - I mean your exes, say that your laughs are cute.
They're lame, but I love them"

You snuggled me in, I giggled.

"Hey!Sometimes my laughters are cute! 
I mean, when it's not a mean or condescending laugh, that is.."

"Well, okay, I'll give you that.
I love your scent.
You smell so, so good.
I love your writing too."

"I feel attacked."

"I am, woman, attacking you."

I know how much you love my writing and I did promise I'll write some more.

"Yeah, I'll write some more later on, you see.."

"I love your writing. I mean it.
As (cough) one of many people who are (cough) excited to read your writing,
I am looking forward to read them."

"You're such an ass.
You're such a horrible smooth talker."

"I am in a lot of ways - and I'm well aware of this, but still, you love me.
Han, I genuinely enjoy your writing, it pierces my soul, it's so beautiful"

And you started to roll around, left and right, nagging like a little boy.

"It frustrates me whenever I clicked on your profile all I could see is a bloody skincare review
 - or stupid answer for teenagers' love life.
I don't need no skincare review"

"Joke's on you.
A review is still a piece of writing."

"Yeah....that's true.
Will you, I mean, if we ever, break up,
would say things like 'throwing words like sharp daggers' to describe our fight?
Would you?"

"Huh, wait what were you saying?
I don't get it?"

Confused, I squinted my eyes at you, trying to get whatever it is you were saying.

"You don't get the reference?
It's........from your own writing, old ones.
The one you had when you were with uh...?
Shoot, I look like such stalker."

"But you are -MY- stalker, in a sense.
Just make me wanna stomp off on your pride even more - and no, 
I don't remember writing that.
Must be an old one?"

"Now you see?
When I say I like your writing I genuinely meant it!
Even if it made me look like a stalker."

Both giggled. Shared one, two, quadruple kisses before we carried on the convo.

"Have we, by fate, happen to encountered each other?
Have I, by chance, missed you on my route of finding myself?"

Holding on my giggles. Cheeks blushed all the way to my ears.

"Are you fucking kidding me?
You're reciting words from my blog???"

"I read it so often,
every time I check the page I haven't got any taste of your new writing.
Just to prove you that I genuinely enjoy reading your words."


"If You Read This Let Me Know - it's too sad.
And then, Silent Knocks.."

And I cut you off, hiding my obvious, reddish cheeks.

"I know, your favourite one, Pas Volé, Mais Perdu?
Am I right?"

I helped you with the title, simply because I know you can't pronounce french. 
You then kissed my eyelids and let my lashes flutter on your cheeks for a while before we smiled ever so widely at each other, and giggled.

"YES THAT - you read my mind again.
I even liked the one you wrote in
Bahasa. When was it?
The one where you went to London?"

I stood still, raising my brows, thinking for a split second.

"Uh, last year? Or 2 years ago?
 I'm not good with dates - it wasn't even on my blog, 
it was on my tumblr!

"I genuinely like your writing."

You flaunt your smirk. Your winning, sly, devilish smirk.

"You know it well, I stopped writing because,
back then said he didn't enjoy my writing.
Too emotional, he said."

"Jokes on him! Are you crazy?
Jokes on him."

I laughed it off.

"Yeah, I unconsciously took his words by heart - he was important - or I was too naive.
We dated for years.
It took me two years and I was thinking 'eh, why did I even stop?' sort of"

"Yeah, but even now, you haven't even been updating your writing!
You have no more excuses, lady."

"Well, first you've got a general overview of my writing, on 
Then a more personal one, my blog, 
then, you even know what my tumblr is,
you greedy butthole."

"I can't help it.
When a damn fine woman who's smart and knows lots of things writes,
you can't help but wanting to know the maze in her thought, don't you?"

I bit my lower lip, squeezing and nibbling on your cheeks before I proceed to throw myself on top of you.
We giggled some more as I drenched my skin with the warmth of your being.

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